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Read below for more information regarding COVID19

Am I allowed to drive in NYC?

A: As per Governor Cuomo’s executive order, Food delivery service and public transportation infrastructure such as bus, rail, or for-hire vehicles remain operational. You can work as much as you wish.

What are the terms of Tower’s relief plan?

To help lessen the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic Tower offers drivers the following adjustments:

Lease To Own with package Drivers

  • If you drive less than 150 miles per week, you will pay only $100 for that week, and the rest will be moved to the end of the contract.
  • If you pass 150 Mile per week, your weekly payments will be reduced by $100 per week and will be moved to the end of the contract

Rental Drivers

  • If you drive less than 20 miles per day, you are not charged for that day, so you can use the car for your personal need free of charge.
  • If you drive more than 20 miles per day for 7 days that week (Friday to the following Thursday), you will receive a credit of $100 for that week. The credit will be applied to your next invoice.

Lease To Own without package / Finance (Weekly) Drivers

  • If the weekly payment is less than $400 a credit of $100 will be applied to the account and moved to the back of the lease.
  • If the weekly payment is more than $400 a credit of $150 will be applied to the account and moved to the back of the lease.

Lease To Own without package / Finance (Monthly) Drivers

  • Up to 50% off monthly payment will be deferred, not exceeding $500.

Insurance Only

A: $100 moved to the back of your contract.

How do you know my mileage in order to apply Tower relief plan adjustments?

Tower’s technology enables us to accurately read the mileage meter and adjust your account accordingly for next week’s billing cycle.

Rental Process
  • Upon arrival to our location, you will be provided some documents to review that will outline the rental program.

  • You will then be provided with an application and a questionnaire to complete.

  • Your application will then be submitted to our insurance company. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on your drivers abstract.

  • If approved by the insurance company, you will meet with one of our many rental agents who will go over the rental program with you. If you wish to, and a vehicle is available, we will provide you with the necessary documents to get activated with Uber.

  • Next, you will meet with an Uber rep in our office to complete the On-Boarding process.

  • Upon completion of the On- Boarding process, we will explain the term of the Rental Contract to you. You will then sign the agreement, pay any amounts due, and drive off with the vehicle.

  • It’s that simple. You can be driving and earning money in a couple of hours.

  • Keep in mind that we have over 100 visitors a day. Please come with patience and understanding. Our goal is to provide you with not only the quickest, but also the best service possible.

We make the TLC Rental process easy and quick.
We only require the following items from you to rent a vehicle. 
  • Drivers  License

  • TLC  or Hack  License

  • Social  Security  Card

  • $20 non-refundable charge for the MVR  (Motor Vehicle Record) Drivers Abstract.

  • Proof  of  Address   (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Bill, etc.).

  • Copy  of  a Debit/Credit Card or a Direct Deposit Letter which includes your name, account number & routing number.

  • Out  of state drivers may require additional documents (i.e. NJ requires DDC)

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